Muthaura doctors yet to diagnose illness

June 30, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 30 – Head of Public Service Ambassador Francis Muthaura was still admitted to the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday and doctors said they had not established the real problem with his health.

His personal Physician Dr Frank Mwongera told reporters that they were still running tests to determine Amb Muthaura’s medical condition, two days after he was admitted there.

“We have carried out some tests since Sunday and we are still carrying out more. I can assure you that within 24 to 48 hours, we will have finished our investigations,” he said.

Dr Mwongera said Amb Muthaura had complained of minor pains of the stomach and the chest.

“He called me on Sunday and I advised him to come to the hospital,” he said and added that “indeed he drove himself to the A and E department of the hospital and that is where we met him.”

“That evening we did run a few tests and the following morning we ran more. We are still running more and after the results are out we will plan the next cause of action in terms of his management. He is very well and he has been receiving visitors and his family is here,” he said and added that he was being assisted by Cardiologist Dr Charles Kariuki.

“We have made very good progress. We have performed detailed tests, we will inform you further on the management plans we have lets just wait for the next couple of days,” said Dr Kariuki.

“So far he has remained fully alert, he has been receiving visitors and we wish to emphasis that at no time has he lost consciousness or anything close to that,” he said.

Government Spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua who accompanied the doctors at the press briefing told journalists it was embarrassing to read newspaper headlines that Amb Muthaura had collapsed in his office on Monday morning.

“The truth of the matter is that Amb Muthaura was admitted on Sunday evening and not yesterday (Monday) and he never collapsed,” he said.

Dr Mutua said doctors examining Amb Muthaura had complained that they were “finding it extremely difficult to treat him because of the high number of visitors he was receiving per day.”

“Yesterday (Monday), he was practically covered with people coming to see him from morning until 10 O’clock at night, the doctors did not even have time, So lets tell people that we appreciate but the doctors can not conduct their tests, talk to him and find out anything if there are strangers coming to see him. Lets give them today and then people can see him tomorrow if he is still around,” he said.

President Mwai Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinda and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and dozens of cabinet ministers were among Amb Muthaura’s guests in hospital since Monday.

Other government officials who called on him on Tuesday include Arttoney General Amos Wako who even dropped him a “Get Well Soon” card.

“I have seen him and I can tell you that he is in very high spirits, he is okay and getting well,” Mr Wako said.

Vice President Musyoka said: “There is absolutely no cause to worry, he (Amb Muthaura) is in good condition and is even talking. I have talked to him.”

Defense Minister Yusuf Haji who visited him on Tuesday morning together with Trade Assistant Minister Omingo Magara told reporters they found him taking a cup of tea.

“He has taken breakfast and we have been able to talk to him. He is very well but the doctors can tell you more,” Mr Magara said.


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