19 Stunning Home Libraries That Will Leave You With Shelf Envy

home library

/həʊm/ ˈlʌɪbrəri,ˈlʌɪbri/

noun – A room/space in a private house where books are kept.

Ever since I knew I had a keen eye when it came matters Interior design and décor ( I may have been 8 years old or thereabout), I swore to myself that I will have a home library come what may! I loved books and I loved how aesthetically pleasing several books arranged on a bookshelf looked. I got to see the latter from the few interior magazines I got the pleasure of devouring with my eyes.

Now, you don’t have to be a reader to own a home library, in fact your home library can be a conversation starter and it can also be your entertainment room so keen attention should be paid to it.

Establishing a home library needn’t be expensive as you can always buy thrift books (which are generally inexpensive) and set them up on beautiful shelves. The shelves might be costly but it would be good to look at them as an investment. Whether you decide to go with in-built shelves or individual store bought or custom-made shelves the choice is yours.

Home libraries can be a good way to create a themed room in your home and in this case you would be allowed to go crazy with whatever decoration/styling ideas you might have.

That said, check out our top Pinterest home libraries which will make you want to create your own home library as soon as today because shelf envy is a thing!

Whether your home library is a shared space with the family or part of your private home office, keen attention must be paid when decorating the space.

Invest in quality pieces and let the space be as enchanting as you will it to be. They say that “A room without books is like a body without a soul!” So go all out and fill your home library with as much soul as possible and remember to enjoy your soulful space!

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