Le’Mac: Push Your Fear of Heights Over the Edge With Nairobi’s New Sky Walk

Imagine being approximately 102 Metres up, on the 24th floor of Le’Mac tower and taking your first step onto a balcony with a transparent floor.

If you are afraid of heights, you might want to rethink your visit to Le’Mac.

The tower located in Westlands district Nairobi, is pushing the fear of heights of its visitors over the edge with the new sky walk balcony with a transparent floor, wall and railing.

The 36mm laminated glass on this sky-walk juts out 2 Metres and can hold 16 – 20 people at the same time.

The first step is hardest but once you’re on the balcony, you will be treated to unobstructed, panoramic views of Nairobi.

When you look straight down, you will be treated to the heart-dropping view of cars driving 102 metres below your feet and people walking on the street while you float over the city.

Inspired by Dubai style living, Le’Mac is a mixed development with office spaces from the 1st to 6th floor and luxurious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from the 8th to 22nd floor.

The structure that is on 1.32 Acres of land took five years to complete, boasts 600 parking slots and is currently at 70% and 60% occupancy respectively.

The office spaces are currently occupied by Geminia Insurance, Ammodumo, Red Dot Distribution, Zizi-Afrique Ltd, Landmark Realtors, Eastra Solutions and Username properties Ltd.

The sky scrapper is also equipped with power saving elevators with an anti-virus and air cleaning system that kills germs, harmful substances and maintains fresh air in the interior at all times.

Le’Mac’s sky club will soon host a gym, spa, steam and sauna with an infinite heated pool and fine dining restaurant on the 24th floor.

The residences at Le’Mac are very well thought out with a luxurious mid-century modern feel and floor to ceiling windows that offer fantastic views of the city.

The Iconic Le’Mac is not only a mark of elegance and quality but has also struck a balance with functionality by adding green building features like proper waste management and recycling system to ensure they play their part in a sustainable future.

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