Apps For Persons With Disabilities

With millions of people all around using apps on a daily basis in a rapid pace there is a range of different disabilities and needs still yet to be met. It’s essential for everyone to be included in this fast pace technological world. We need to know and learn how to utilize today’s technology to better improve everyone’s health and well being, which in a nutshell is why I decided to create this post.


Blindness/ Visual Impairment:

Be My Eyes:

This seems to be the most popular app for the visually impaired. How does it work? When a person finds themselves lost, or in an unfamiliar environment they are able to use the app to get an assistants through a video-chat assistant. The assistant can help them with everything from picking their cloths to reading food items.

Available: iPhone and Android

Voice Dream Reader:

Named another great app for those who are visually impaired, the app allows you to read with your ears.

Available: iPhone and Android

Color Identifier and Light detector:

Using modern innovative technology through your camera, these apps allow you to hear the color around you by just pointing your phone to the object. Light detector goes one step further by informing you through a high or low pitch whether there is a light fixture around you. It helps you find objects a lot quicker and safer.

Available: iPhone and Android


Deaf and Hearing Impaired:


Exsilent, the manufactures of both hearing aid and apps. They have created an app that amplifies sound to make it easier to hear conversations and maneuver through phones. You can adjust the sound to fit your hearing aid.

Available: iPhoneSpread The Sign:

One of the largest sign language dictionaries, with over 300,000 different signs. This worldwide app has language for 25 different sign languages to help communication with the deaf. The App is updated yearly.

Available: iPhone and Android

Sign Smith ASL:

Sign Smith ASL teaches you ways to communicate in school, public settings and translates sign to speech and vice versa.

Available: iPhone and Android


Autism & Learning Disabilities:

Stepping Stones:

This simple app allows users to create visual guides – or ‘paths’ – using their own photos, so as to make sense of daily routines and schedules or stories, as well as teaching essential life skills and assisting with sequential processing. Perfect for both children and adults.

Available: iPhoneMiracle Modus:

For those over stimulated people on the spectrum that need soothing. Creator and founder also falls on the spectrum and says this app “generates hypnotic sounds, colors and shapes to relax and ease the mind.”

Available: iPhone and Android

Mathboard & Book Creator:

A great children’s app to help your child navigate through math equation problems and problem solving. Perfect for introducing simple mathematics to children with learning disabilities, the app offers a step by step guide.

Book Creator is a brilliant children’s app that allows your child to tell their own story. From fictional to phonebooks they can create their own ibook.

Available: iPhone


Dexter Alphabet Keyboard:

This app takes your jumble up keyboard and aligns it in a ways that’s easier for someone who is dyslexic to understand. It also creates phrases and sentences easier to aid in texting, emailing and communication.

Available: Android


Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter users:


This app will show you wheelchair accessible areas and those that do not have wheelchair access. You can bookmark the areas as well for future reference. It is such a global platform which allows you to leave comments, photos and rate your experience for other users to benefit.

Available: iPhone and Android

Telca Access:

This app can do it all and I do mean ALL! once you connect your Telca app to your motorized scooter or electric wheelchair you an access your phone without having to pick it up. You can also even operate your wheelchair through your phone. The biggest feature on this app is voice recognition which allows you to unlock both your phone and start your wheelchair.

Available: iPhone and Android


You can click on the photos to direct you to the app.

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