What Is your Interior Design style?


A beautiful life begins at home. If you don’t believe me then ask someone who lives in a beautiful home and looks like they are living their best life.

Just like fashion, we all have our own interior style preferences. You might not be an interior designer but you surely must have a preferred taste when it comes to what you like your interiors to look like. So, what is your preferred interior design style?

1. Mid-century Modern Style


The thing about mid-century style is that the interior must match the exterior.

To have a glimpse of mid-century style, think clean lines, sparsely furnished, large-ish and giving off the 1950’s and 60’s look.

With mid-century modern, you get a unique blend of minimalism and a kind of ancient retro look. The main theme followed through with this interior style is fuss free. The style is mostly crisp, with simple lines, rusty metals, wood galore, subtle silhouette and hues of greens and blues.

You will also get simple fabrications, molded plastic plywood, natural-shaped furniture like a hand-shaped chair for instance.

2.Modern Interior Style


Remember the house you grew up in? You probably had a traditional interior style and the furniture in your living room which mainly comprised of a  sofa, coffee table,  and a few pictures on the wall. Now imagine if all the furniture in that home you grew up in was to be made in 2019, and then do away with all the clutter (of newspapers, Yellow Pages directories) … You get a very modern house!

Attributes of modern interior design style include: Clutter free,  intentional asymmetry, no ornaments, neutrals with primary and bold color contrast, geometric pattern or plain area rugs, open floor plan.

Also, furniture pieces have clean lines and basic shapes and are made of materials like metal, chrome, or glass streamlined with polished, smooth and sleek surfaces.

You will also find Art, rather than accessories on the walls. As well as elements and materials that provide you with an overall warm and comforting feel without being too loud or bold.

3. Industrial modern Interior Design


When you think of industrial interior design, think :
-Raw and unfinished look

-Utilitarian objects
-Large sectionals
-Concrete flooring
-Wood and metal surfaces
-A mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors
-Antique or light fixtures with metal finishes
-Use of vintage and old factory and laboratory pieces

4. Bohemian


Are you a Bohemian interior style lover?
Bohemian interior design is quite an interesting style.
For one, it’s the only style where intentional mess is welcome.
To achieve this intentional mess, you will always find different colors and a variety of elements like pillows, throws, rugs mixed together.

Also think Moroccan, south western and other tribal vibes.
The Boho interior style applies interior pieces that possess nomadic and ethnic vibes.
Not only that but also vibrant colors and rich patterns that are bold and loud.

It is a style that is a representation of the avant-garde lifestyle known for its adventurous and carefree spirit.
It is not surprising to find animal hides, metallic accents as well as wood sculptures in this interior design style.


5. Minimalist

Minimalists are simple and somewhat unfussy…you know, less is more kind of thinking?
To achieve a minimalist look, take the best and simple modern design  and simplify it even further.
Modern and mid-century design styles can fit in this category as well.
When you think of minimalist interior design think: ultra-clean lines, streamlined furnishings, neutral color palette.

Minimalist style was highly influenced by the simple  and delicate Japanese designs.


6. Rustic Style


Rustic interior styles just like the industrial design have that raw, unfinished element. Only difference is that with Rustic design there’s use of a lot of wood.

Think :

-Exposed ceiling beams
-Use of reclaimed wood
-Exposed stone wall
-Wooden flooring
-Cowhides, sheepskins and simple neutral-colored natural fabrics
-Distressed and handcrafted items
-Wood-burning fireplace
-Prominent staircases

-Nature- inspired with raw, natural and unrefined elements.

-Accessories from the outdoors.

7. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian designs are big on space, fewer accessories, natural light flowing in, and minimal furniture that serves some purpose.

Think of elements that are modern , practical and uncomplicated.

Important design elements:
-Predominantly white
-Bright colors combine with the main white color,
-Large mirrors,
-Principles of symmetry,
-Furniture pieces are functional and stylish but not too trendy and contemporary,
-Use of light colored wood and warm colors, and
-Light wood flooring dressed up with rugs in subtle color.

-Playful accent colors, organic materials, gentle contours.
Inspired by the simple lifestyles in the Nordic countries. The design style is greatly characteristic of fjords, snow and mountains found in the Scandinavian countries.

 8. Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Farmhouse interior design style is very similar to country or rustic design styles except that it’s typically lighter, incorporates some shabby-chic, enjoys plenty of natural wood and gives an aura of a cozy feel.

Main style elements of the farmhouse interior style include:

-All white look

-Large kitchen and dining area

-Dominant fireplace

-Vintage, reclaimed or heritage accessories

-Cozy fabrics, natural materials and textiles

-Open shelves and cabinets

-“Company” parlor and “family” sitting room

-Tongue-and-groove paneling, shiplap and butt boards

-Even ceilings with exposed reclaimed beams

-Barn doors

-No glass whatsoever

-Wide plank floors.

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