CrossFit announces second sanctioned event, the Granite Games

CrossFit, Inc. announced on Thursday the second CrossFit sanctioned event, the Granite Games – a four-day, official CrossFit competition taking place June of 2019.

Along with the recently announced Dubai CrossFit Championship, the Granite Games is a newly sanctioned event that will award CrossFit Games spots, while continuing the Granite Games tradition of giving back to local communities and strengthening participants’ bond with fitness.

As previously announced, CrossFit sanctioned competitions are replacing CrossFit’s regional events and will become a direct pathway for the top men, women, and team finishers to receive invitations to compete in the CrossFit Games.

The partnership with the Granite Games builds upon the success they have realized over the past eight years. The Granite Games also have a rich legacy of supporting local and national non-profit organizations through programs like revenue sharing and Fitness Education Scholarships.

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