19 Things to Take Note of for a Prosperous Relationship


1. Better a partner who tells you the truth, than a partner who sugar coats you with a lie.

2. Better a partner who finds reasons to stay, than one who finds excuses to walk away.

3. Better a partner who tells you the issues between you two that need solving, than one who runs to having an affair because of issues between you two.

4. Better a partner who corrects you when you’re wrong, than one who keeps silent as you make mistakes.

5. Better a partner who tells you how he/ she wants to be loved, than one you have to guess hoping you are doing the right thing and he/ she is silently frustrated.

6. Better a partner who replies your messages late, than one who doesn’t reply at all.

7. Better a partner who admits wrong, than one who always has to be right.

8. Better a partner with little money who builds you, than one who crashes you and belittles you just because he/ she has alot of money.

9. Better a partner who will say a short prayer for you in your presence, than a partner who says “I’ll pray for you” yet you’ve never heard a prayer uttered.
10. Better a partner who fights for you, than a partner who avoids fights and will leave you at the slightest provocation.

11. Better a talkative partner, than one who you feel you are the only one putting too much effort to start and hold a conversation.

12. Better a partner who picks up your phonecall and tells you “Honey, I can’t talk right now”, than one who ignores your phonecalls.

13. Better a partner who comes home late after telling you his/ her whereabouts, than one who goes missing without saying a word.

14. Better a partner who opens up to you no matter how painful and difficult, than one who keep secrets in the name of protecting you.

15. Better a partner who is honest with you when someone else tries to come between you two, than one who keeps things from you and slowly slips away.

16. Better a partner who calls upon you for support, than one who suffers in silence out of fear of being a burden to you.

17. Better a partner who will tell you things are not OK between you two, than one who pretends all is well yet he/ she has already given up on your love.

18. Better a partner in a long distance relationship who makes an effort to communicate often, than one who is physically close to you yet you never get to see.

19. Better a partner who speaks his/ her mind and rightly disagrees with you, than one who rubber stamps all you say and becomes a doormat to walk over.


Dayan Masinde

Dayan Masinde is a Nairobi based Kenyan artist specializing in Poetry, Fine Art, Portrait Art, Murals, Creative Writing, Music, Illustrations and Animation. He is often described as "The Artist Inspired by Love" because of his use of artistic expressions to inspire, celebrate and help understand the mystery of love. His poetry book "WHEN ANGELS MAKE LOVE" is available for purchase worldwide on amazon.

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