KFC breaks history with first female Colonel

KFC has broken history by having the first woman ever to play Colonel Sanders.

The country singer Reba McEntire has become the first lady to take on the role of the chain’s founder in its 90-year history, the Evening Standard reported.

Known for her songwriting, TV and film roles, Reba donned a white wig and facial hair in the new adverts, which are set to air in the US next week.

Wearing the iconic white suit of the Colonel, Reba sings: “I’m Colonel Sanders, the same as always. I’m definitely not a woman.”

Reba will appear in the adverts up until the end of April and is set to promote the new Smoky Mountain BBQ – a burger filled with the chain’s famous recipe.

Sanders started the restaurant chain back in 1930 and ran it up until his death 36 years ago but, each year since 2015, the company resurrect the Colonel by enlisting the help of some famous faces including Rob Lowe and Ray Liotta.

Reba also teased in a Twitter post that she is taking over as Colonel with a picture of the back of her head with his white cowboy hat next to her and a picture of him.

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