Don’t make these 5 mistakes at your next spa appointment!

Tired? Worked too hard this week? Stressed? With their sanctuary-like décor, refreshing aromatics, treatments that soothe, and delicate music that fill the dimly-lit spaces, spas are the perfect retreat for anyone who’s in need of some rest and rejuvenation.

To ensure you and your fellow guests have a wonderful tranquil spa experience, here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid making.

  • Avoid being late for your booked treatments. Try and arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled treatment to account for getting undressed and putting away your belongings. Respecting your appointment time is fundamental to getting the most out of your spa visit, for example using the complimentary spa facilities or just simply exploring. If you run late, then your appointment will begin late, and as a result end late – pushing the next guest’s appointment.
  • Don’t sing or talk loudly at the spa. It’s not your personal shower and other guests do not want to hear about your work conversations. Be respectful of other guests’ eardrums. Use your “spa voice.”
  • Silence your mobile phones. In most spas, use of mobile phones are prohibited. But in the event that you need to make an important call, do it discreetly. Also, when placing your phone in your locker, ensure that it’s been switched to vibrating mode so it doesn’t ring incessantly when you’re in a treatment.
  • Don’t splash or fool around in the jacuzzi. Tomfoolery is unlikely to go down well with other guests, especially if you end up splashing on them.
  • Shower before using the steam and sauna rooms. Shower beforehand to avoid the embarrassment of your body odour, applied oils or lotions permeating these hot and intimate public spa areas.

Happy spa-ing!

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