The formula for a strong friendship is…

Diet Coke has discovered the formula for a strong friendship.

The beverage brand has teamed up with friendship expert Shasta Nelson to launch the Get The Gang Back Together initiative to celebrate National Friendship Day on Sunday (06.08.17).

And as part of their campaign they have discovered there are three key factors, which are connection, experience and sharing, and they all help contribute to maintaining a good relationship with a close pal.

Shasta said: “Friendships are a really important aspect of our lives, yet can disintegrate when either party feels like the connection is lost.

“Therefore, it is essential that we engage consistently, connect positively and show our vulnerability so that we create nurtured, meaningful friendships. I hope the ‘Friendship Formula’ shows the really simple steps it takes to make a big difference.”

The friendship formula has discovered that one verbal check in, two text messages to your friend, and three likes or comments on a social media post per week, as well as one major celebration with your friend, a major introduction to a new lover or family member, an exchange for two personal secrets and one holiday a year, along with one long leisurely catch up and one evening out per month is the key to maintaining a friendship.

Source: Bang Showbiz

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