Low-calorie fizzy drinks ‘most annoying’ to serve on plane

Diet fizzy drinks are the hardest to pour on a plane because of how long the bubbles take to disperse.

American Airline flight attendant Heather Poole has revealed that pop such as Diet Coke and Slimline Tonic take longer for the bubbles to settle meaning by the time they’ve served up one drink they could have done several.

Speaking to Huffington Post UK, Heather said: “[Diet Coke is] the most annoying beverage a flight attendant can pour for a passenger in flight, because in the time it takes us to fill one cup, we could have served an entire row of passengers.”

She said she even had bad dreams about not getting the fizz poured in time for the plane landing.

She added: “I’ve actually had nightmares about frantically trying to finish a never ending Diet Coke beverage service before landing.”

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