16 Types OF Dates Every Couple Should Try



1. “Picnic date”

There is something special and free about the outdoors. Pack up some food and drinks and a leso, find a spot and have fun.

2. “Walk date”

Make time to just take a walk as you bond. Walk for long as you hold hands, laugh, bump shoulder to shoulder. You need no money for this.

3. “Elegant date”

Go all out. Man, ask her out to an expensive, classy venue. Give her a chance to dress up. She will feel special, smiling as you romance her; she wearing her fashionable dress.

4. “Dance date”

Find a place where good music is played or dance is taught and go there as a couple. Salsa, lingala, afro, twist, benga; go to a place where you will sweat, groove and get down.

5. “Impromptu date”

Dates don’t have to be pre-planned. Be spontaneous sometimes, drop everything and go somewhere as a couple for some quality time.


6. “Movie date”

Go to the cinema. Movies bring out emotions.

double date

7. “Double date”

Go out on a date with another couple close to you. This will give you a chance to celebrate love and talk couple to couple. Your love will grow stronger.

8. “Compassion date”

There are many people in society to bless. You and your partner, find a children’s home, an elderly home, a hospital or someone in need and together go spend time with them. God will bless your love.

9. “Candle-light dinner date”

There is something romantic about looking into each other’s eyes in dim candle light. Make it special. Romance is sweet.

10. “Special moment date”

This is when you celebrate big as a couple a special moment like Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or Promotion. Never forget these moments.

11. “Make-up date”

If things between you two haven’t been going well. Make effort to save your love by planning a good date. A date provides a good setting to allow you two to talk and get back to deep love.

12. “Lunch date”

As you work different jobs, sometimes take a break, meet up and have a couple’s lunch for an hour or so.

13. “Old love date”

Dates are not for young love only. Sadly, as lovers stay in a relationship/marriage, the dates become fewer as they go through the motions. No matter how long you’ve been together, step outside your everyday responsibilities and go for a date to rekindle and sustain the excitement.


14. “Sports date”

Is your favorite football club/rugby team/basketball team/golfer playing? Is it the safari rally, athletics? Go out for dates as a couple where you can scream, cheer and go wild. You two will connect more.

15. “Friends date”

Have a barbecue, hook up with friends, throw a party. Organize something as a couple where your love will be celebrated in the presence of close friends.

16. “Travel date”

Pack your bags and travel. Break the monotony and as a couple drive, fly, sail to a place you’ve never been. Experience new attractions together. Your love will never be boring this way.

African American Couple Watching a Movie at Home

17. “Stay at home date”

Or lock yourself in the house. Not to work or do chores. But to switch off everything and concentrate on each other. Cook together, eat together, make memories for two.

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