Seven Practical Travel Fitness Hacks


Inconsistency and unfamiliarity is probably one of the many reasons travelers find it hard to keep in shape while on vacation or any other kind of travel. Although most resorts and hotels provide a fitness center, most travelers find it almost impossible to storm into a strange territory and kick in some sweaty hours. The adventure in culinary sampling, drink outs and the general need for comfort are just but a number of factors that inculcate to a thicker waistline while away from home. There however is a better way; you can take charge of your weight and fitness while on travel by adopting the tips below.

Work with a diet plan

Like any other project, to not plan is to plan to fail. As you pack your jungle boots, party shorts and hoards of gadgetry, do not forget to pack your diet plan. This should be in whatever form that pleases your style; soft or hard. Like any of the numerous health apps in the market, the plan is not going to force good fats and superfoods down your throat, but will at least guide you on what you should eat when.

Shoot close to home

Fitness regimes that work best are those designed in harmony with both the user’s personality and objectives. For instance if you are highly energetic, hard to hold on a leash folk, then it’s only fair that you pick on activities than indulge your energies. You can find out local clubs in your destination and ask to join them during their trainings or you can download a couple of High Intensity Training (HIT) podcasts and clips on the go. Similarly, if walking, cycling or even swimming is your calling, adapt your workout programme to the activity.

Party with a purpose

What is a holiday devoid of immersion and indulgence? Well, you can have your cake and eat it! This however demands for a lot of discipline and accountability. If you plan to go out, make a tidy mental note of the night’s doings while still sober. Space out your drinks with lots of water, try and have a healthy and filling meal before you set out; bar food is bad and full of wicked temptations. It’s also decent and skilled preparedness to plan on a recovery plan for the morning after, such as extended workout duration, lighter and healthy meals as opposed to earth moving, literally heart throbbing breakfast and an intermittent fast from last night’s poison.

Your Waistline is 80% what you feed it!

I still think this as the most mean revelation to ever be made by food scientists and nutrition; that most of our sweet treats retreat to our mid zones and all the other wrong places once they are done enticing our too-weak-to -resist palates. That said, work some tricks to tease the calories; do not follow a decadent indulgence with another of it’s type! Let’s say for instance, if you enjoy your lunch treat of nyama choma in the scenic fringes of Nairobi at Oleopolos; keep your dinner light and leafy.

Sneak a snooze…

One of the most frequently asked questions by travelers on is, “how is the nightlife, where can I go to relax?…” Well, all of us wanderers hate the thought of losing a moment when we are out to explore. But, it’s important to know that your weary muscles will really thank you for a break from all the crazy up and abouts, been here done that. Apart from the muscle break, sleep will also help rejuvenate your brain. Who knows, the renewed creativity could be just what you need to score another point on the Wanderer’s Hall of Fame!

Push yourself; be your own motivation

An afternoon spent on a hammock overlooking the picturesque Great Rift Valley or enjoying the breeze from Lake Naivasha appeals more to our souls than a sweaty hour trying to hold a decent plank. Thus, to stay the course, you need to instil in yourself the ability to be self-accountable and try to enjoy the grind.

Pack your pills and pots

If you live on protein powder, please pack enough to last you through the away season. Again, there are some types of superfoods that can transform your plate from a drab meal to bouncing bowl of nutrients and taste. Depending on your means of transport, regulations and rules; you can pack whatever brings the zen in your everyday meal. Such packs as pepper, quinoa, cinnamon, chia seeds and healthy oils can make you super healthy snacks at a speed to rival Captain Marvel’s.

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