5 Podcasts to listen to in the month of February!

I didn’t realize until now that, with the exception of one, all the podcasts I’m about to recommend start with the same letter: ‘S’. Coincidence? Maybe. But perhaps that’s something worth looking into if you were planning on starting on your own. But I digress…

Podcasts are the new black.

As someone who was constantly overstimulated (i.e., put a laptop in front of me, a phone in my hand and the TV on and I’d feel right at home), it was quite the struggle to get myself out of that habit. But even as I did, I’d often find the silence to be a little bit overwhelming if I was performing a simple task, and that’s how podcasts snuck into my life.

I started listening to podcasts as I showered, organised my home, went for walks or drove around just to keep me company and discovered some true gems in the process, a few of which I wanted to share with you today.

Some of these podcasts took months of research – others over a year – to produce and required experts to field through thousands of hours of recordings to produce 20 to 30 minutes of what I like to call jewellery for your mind. It’s no wonder they’re so riveting.

I’ll try keep my recommendations coming in every month depending on what great podcasts I come across but in case you’ve got some amazing ones you’ve enjoyed, please do share below.

Happy listening!


I couldn’t possibly start this list off without sharing one of the most popular podcasts to ever be aired, Serial. The show is hosted by Sarah Koenig and takes us through the true story of Adnan Syed who was convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee, his ex-girlfriend, found dead nearly 20 years ago. It’s a highly riveting podcast that takes you through Syed’s case and leaves you questioning whether he’s guilty or innocent.

Magic Lessons

Calling all creatives because this here podcast is going to blow your mind! You may recognise the host of this show as she’s also the author of the best selling novel Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert. As a follow up to her book, Magic Lessons, she felt inspired to continue this conversation by inviting creatives and artists who had hit a snug in their journey and shared invaluable lessons on how to reignite their spark. Truly inspiring if you’re looking for some stimulation.

Startup Podcast

This is my most recent find and I’ve been so addicted to it. It’s the story of Alex Blumberg, an entrepreneur on the start of his journey to getting his company off the ground told in the most honest way. Just to give you a hint of what to expect, in episode one aptly titled ‘How Not to Pitch to a Billionaire’,  you hear him bumble his way through the most awkward of pitches. It’s relatable, hilarious and inspiring as you watch him slowly tackle all the issues with new startups and build his empire, Gimlet.

Sex with Emily

If you’re looking to either spice up your sex life or just generally interested in exploring your sexuality then this is a fantastic show. It’s hosted by Emily Morse, a sex and relationship expert who isn’t coy about any of it. Whether it’s delving into sex toys, fantasies or foreplays, she gives real advice and shares some of her experience making it a really interesting show!

School of Greatness

A lovely podcast for those looking for inspiration. It’s hosted by Lewis Howes, a great business coach, lifestyle entrepreneur and author of the book, The School of Greatness. He often has incredible guests on his show including Casey Neistat, Sophia Amoruso and Larry King (a few of my favourites) who share their inspiring stories.

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