The 12 restaurants on 12forward’s guide for Cape Town are…


12forward by White Guide has recently launched Cape Town. The digital guide will lead you to the world’s truly “food-forward” restaurants across the globe, the must-visit places for any passionate “gastromad”.

The app, currently only available in iOS, offers Copenhagen, Berlin and Tokyo. Whilst more cities are available for in-app purchase – such as London, New York, Stockholm and Singapore – new ones are introduced on a continuous basis. Next in line is Paris, Bangkok and Chicago.

The listings are limited to 12 eateries in each city, when a new trailblazer enters the stage, an older one is knocked off. In Cape Town, the restaurants are led by The Test Kitchen, widely recognised as the African continent’s best kitchen thanks to the extraordinary talent of chef Luke Dale-Roberts. Thanks to the curating expertise of 12forward’s consultant editor Tamsin Snyman, this city collection doesn’t miss the culinary genius of The Shortmarket Club. There is ground breaking BBQ at Ash and food that can only be reached by helicopter at Camphors at Vergelegen. La Colombe’s door shares a posting with its little kid sister Foxcroft. Make a digital trip with 12forward and the world can discover just how exciting South African cuisine is.

White Guide has enlisted some of the world’s leading food writers and restaurant reviewers as contributing editors for 12forward. Enabling continuous monitoring, these editors all reside in the countries of their cities and include Stockholm/Berlin based publisher Lars Peder Hedberg as well as London’s renowned and respected Guy Dimond.

The 12 restaurants listed on 12forward’s guide for Cape Town are:

  • ASH
  • Camphors at Vergelegen
  • Faber
  • Foliage
  • Foxcroft
  • Greenhouse
  • La Colombe
  • The Kitchen at Maison
  • The Shortmarket Club
  • The Test Kitchen
  • The Werf Restaurant
  • Wolfgat


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