#Gadgets: UV-Detecting bikini tells you when to apply sunscreen

Have you ever forgotten to reapply your sunscreen? Deep tan-lines and a reddish glow that last for weeks – I know I have.

Enter the super high-tech and “smart” new bikini from Spinali Design dubbed Neviano UV Protect. This new-age of swimwear comes with a sensor for monitoring ultra-violet (UV) rays, and through an app on your smartphone, it alerts you when it’s time to reapply more sunscreen.

The swimwear comes in various designs, in fact a range of 70 swimsuits numbered from 01 to 06 (from the most covering to the least covering), which combines design, sensuality, innovation and technology.

The app also features functions such as weather, suntanning tips, and even “Valentine” that lets your partner know when he should give you some more sunscreen.

The smart swimwear will set you back $142 and is available for worldwide shipping.
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