Ed Sheeran invests in fashion label

Ed Sheeran has invested in a fashion label in his hometown of Suffolk.

The 25-year-old singer – who was raised in Suffolk – is a huge fan of the Hoax clothing line, which was started locally, and has been promoting the range by wearing it at various public appearances.

A source told The Sun: “Ed is a huge fan of Hoax’s stuff and has been wearing their clothes since he was a little boy.

“He knows the guys at the company and wanted to help them out as much as he could so he has invested in their business.

“Now he is wearing the brand during as many promo appearances and performances as he can to get their name out there.

“It’s an amazing gesture from Ed. Everyone always talks about how generous he is but this is really going the extra mile.

“He adores Suffolk and loves giving back to his hometown. He still lives there and is regularly spotted down the local pub.”

Ed recently described his comeback track ‘Castle On The Hill’ as a “love song” for his hometown.

He explained: “It’s a love song for Suffolk because I don’t think anyone’s done that. That’s the second song I have completed on the album.

“I wrote that mid-2015, so almost two years [ago]. I shot the music video in Suffolk, and they cast all my friends from school. It’s all putting Suffolk on the map.”

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  1. Avatar ukweli mtupu November 22nd, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    What is the role of NSIS in all this? Isn’t there a check list? Given resource base, it is the best of the worst! Very few kenyans can go through any rigorous appraisal on tribalism, corruption, nepotism and all the ‘isms’.


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