The 10 causes of male infidelity

Who said men cheated for sex only? 27% of unfaithful men on are looking for love.

The dating site recently conducted a study among 950 French male subscribers on the topic of “Why did you give in to infidelity?”

Even though the image of the chronically unfaithful philanderer endures, a soft heart lies under the rough exterior. Only 8% of men confess to seeking sex on the platform, while almost three times that number are looking for love.

Here are the complete results, answers to the question “Why are you unfaithful?”:

– To find a little love: 27%
– To fill in a need for attention: 10%
– To stave off boredom: 18%
– To find excitement: 12%
– To meet a sexual partner: 8%
– To find self-confidence again: 8%
– To remedy a feeling of loneliness: 5%
– To get back at their partner: 2%

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