3 Fresh festive kitchen tips with Fay

by Wangeci Kanyeki

The festive season is here a season that can overwhelm you with its multitude of hustling and bustle activities. From balancing grocery shopping, to finishing off your end year workload before businesses shut down, to buying an outfits for the kids and buying presents for your folks, Here are some Fay ideas to soften your life and lighten your house work load during the holiday season.

Oven Roast

With most domestic workers taking a break during the holiday season, it makes a lot of sense to find some time saving devices such as oven cooking your meals while you attend to other chores.  During the festive season, your family members usually expect meals with a wow effect.
This is easy to achieve if you wrap chicken in Fay foil in the oven and let it slow cooking while you prepare other foods or clean up the kitchen.  Throw in baked potatoes as well in the oven so they can be cooking at the same time.  Scrub potatoes and dry them with the Fay kitchen towel.  Wrap them in Fay Aluminum Foil and bake in the same oven but in a separate tray from the chicken. When the food is cooked you will have the protein and starch ready in no time.

The festive season comes with many opportunities to eat plenty of animal protein like beef, chicken, mutton and even fish. It therefore helps to balance your meals with plenty of vegetables to provide the fibre that your body needs.  Accompany your meals with freshly made salad, which you can make with the available vegetables in your house.  Clean and sanitize your vegetables before peparing your salad.

Chop Lettuce and cube tomatoes in a salad bowl, add a teaspoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of vinegar and season with some salt and pepper.  Cover with Fay Cling Film to protect and preserve the salad and refrigerate for 2 – 3 hours before serving.  Any left over vegetables can be put in a freezer bag and a Fay Kitchen towel placed over the vegetables to absorb excess moisture.  This is a great way to preserve your vegetables and prolong their fridge life and save you from prematurely discarding of decaying vegetable.  It also saves you the precious time of having to go back to the market for more veges sooner than you need to.


Restaurants should not be your only option of eating out.  Picnics are an affordable way for your family to enjoy an outdoor activity in a green park and maximize on Kenya’s good weather. Make some beef or cheese sandwiches and wrap them in Fay foil paper.  As you pack your picnic mat and basket of eating goodies ensure you also carry some Fay Wet wipes for cleaning your hands just incase the water point is far away.  Fay Kitchen towels also come in handy to wipe beverage or food spills or wipe grease residue from food and serviettes will ensure that family members are able to eat with dignity.


Kitchen Hygiene

The last thing you need during this season is to have a sink full of unsightly unwashed dishes or a dirty kitchen.  Clean up your kitchen and dishes on the go to prevent that dreaded pile up of dishes. Keep kitchen counters clean by ensuring you have some Fay Kitchen towels, which especially come in handy to immediately wipe food splashes or spills.  The oil drippings from a bottle or jerrycan of oil can be so irritating and will easily leave their oil prints on the counter.  To counter this just wrap some Fay kitchen towels around the bottle to absorb any oils spills on the bottle.

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