Limited edition burger with Hot Sauce baked into bun unveiled

hot sauce baked in bun burger

Burger King has launched the Angriest Whopper burger, on Wednesday.

The fast-food restaurant unveiled the latest limited edition treat to its menu, which includes the tasty burger with fiery hot sauce, baked in a red bun, packed with “angry” ingredients: onions, jalapenos, a flame-grilled beef burger American cheese, salad and cooling mayonnaise to soothe the after-burn of the fiery feast.

To live up to the dangerous title, volcano specialist and co-creator of Angry Planet, George Kourounis, and four foodie enthusiasts took to the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala to personally flame grill the 100 per cent beef.

The new delicacy was inspired by the flavoursome coloured black burger buns in Japan, the red Samurai burger, and the Halloween Whopper sandwich with the barbeque-flavoured black bun which followed.

The Angriest Whopper sandwich will be available from Monday until June 1.

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