Iris Apfel: Fashion industry is too youth obsessed

Celebrities front row at Desigual Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Show at New York Fashion Week. Held in The Arc at Skylight Moynihan in NYC Pictured: Iris Apfel Ref: SPL1122089  100915   Picture by: Johns PKI / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666

Celebrities front row at Desigual Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Show at New York Fashion Week. Held in The Arc at Skylight Moynihan in NYC

Iris Apfel has criticised the fashion industry for being “youth obsessed”.

The 94-year-old American businesswoman became an iconic figure in fashion almost 11 years ago when The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York hosted an exhibition about her style entitled ‘Rara Avis (Rare Bird): The Irreverent Iris Apfel’.

Although she was championed for her clothing choices at the age of 83, Iris insists elderly people are not the only forgotten age bracket, those who are middle-aged are neglected because fashion is “obsessed” with youth.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Iris – who is famous for wearing round-rimmed oversized glasses, a fully stacked wrist of jewellery and bold patterned garments – said: “The fashion industry doesn’t just forget old people, it forgets middle-aged people.

“The fashion industry is youth obsessed, which is totally insane from a financial point of view so I don’t feel sorry for them, they brought it on themselves.”

The star – who was an interior designer in her earlier years – returned to the fore after appearing on the Citroen DS3 commercial and has since starred in campaigns for Kate Spade alongside 22-year-old Karlie Kloss, as well as other luxury brands & Other stories and MAC Cosmetics.

Speaking about her dislike for the industry she became immersed in after retirement age and its misdirected audience, she said: “Many top designers will make very, very expensive dresses costing many, many thousands of dollars that young people can’t afford.

“They make these dresses on 16 year old bodies that can be purchased by women over 65/75 – those are the women in our country anyhow with the spendable income and the time and money to go shopping and they want to buy beautiful things, but it’s very hard to find things that are suitable for them. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Iris also opened up on her own individual look and is adamant that people must find their own individual style.

The straight-talking New Yorker said: “If people try to look like me they’ll look ridiculous. They should think about who they are and learn how to think for themselves. Everybody today is like a robot, and I don’t want to be part of that. It’s about what you like and makes you comfortable. If you can’t be yourself then just forget it.”


  • Jared Ariemba

    Wewe Moi wacha kudanganya. How can a great grandfather speak lies so shamelessly. This is the man you embarrassed but now that he is in the grave, your spirit is accusing you.  Kwenda huko kabisa wacha kudanganya

    • Shalom

      put no hate to hate sir

  • Philo Wenda

    I just learnt about his death a few hours ago. I was really shocked. May his soul and the others who died in the crash, RIP.

  • DiiranD23

    If you look at the picture, you can tell Saitoti’s wife is not buying Moi’s story. She is looking at him and thinking, really?

  • Little Hiti

    Kenyans, meet Mr Mtukufu Rais Moi, the buddy  who lies, picks your pockets with a straight face,reduced to attending funerals, always associated with death, countries, people, economies. 

    Why didn’t he support him in 2002  … ??? lousy liar.

  • Peihi

    Kenyans, are these the kind of ‘Elder Statesmen’ you have? Shame!

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    Moi is this your style when wooing? Are you trying to impress the widow so as to inherit her?

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    Life was sweet & cheap when Moi was around, I would vote for Him if chance be!

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    Crocodile tears…now after all this is when he was going to “support” him?? neave alone when he was alive and his VP for say 13 years??

  • DiiranD23

    I think I know Moi’s trick, he wants to be able to go to the Masai and tell them…”look i was ‘supporting’ Saitoti secretly, but now that he is dead, can you please re-join Kanu and vote for my son Gideon as repayment”. 

  • Pratt

    Over 99% chance is that retired president lied. Its actually hard even to give him benefit of doubt. You cant be so ruthless and at the same time, play mister savior. Its quite sad if the old man is trying gain political mileage at the expense of the bereaved. Why now anyway?

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