Our2Cents Ep. 65: How to start your day on the right note


Hello and welcome to an uplifting episode of Our2Cents!

Ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Then listen up.

In this episode, Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong share some of their tips on how to make sure you start your day off on the right note. It’s really about your energy and attitude towards the day that makes or breaks it.

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  1. Avatar Francis April 25th, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    During campaign for new constitution i felt and still do that it was unfair to single one group as responsible of our collective “rot-social-political-economic and all”. In the interest of the nation/reconciliation and forgiveness i would have preferred we adopted “migration from analog to digital” model where you phase out with time and avoid “chaos”. I argued here then that it would have served the nation better if the “old judiciary” was allowed to phase itself out as we do with education systems.Not that i excuse the professional short comings of the said justices but our existence is spatial-temporal:Dictated by when/where.Sure in hind-sight many things now look so evil but the national culture allowed them then.This is true of any society-we must as a nation look ahead! Humiliating people cannot be in our national interest. Unless the justices show no effort to “adapt  to new Kenya” in which case if they are statesmen as they should the CJ would “ask them to retire quietly” in the interest of the nation/self-then the approach by the board is inhuman/degrading.Many professionals sacrificed so much serving in the harshest of conditions and with no support-material/technology and even educational-they strove to do their best.Looking back the “BEST LOOKS BAD NOW”. They did their duty-we owe them nothing but a sense of gratitude.Across all sectors of our society we fell short-FAR SHORT! What have we learnt?Many people in government positions today cannot pass any such tests.They denied people employments/admissions to colleges/they sacked workers at will  just because they could-THOSE WERE THE TIMES.Let us going forward accept the fact that all of us have fallen short and we are not worth judging others.I submit that as a nation we can achieve the same result but without the holier than thou I AM CLEAN I CAN JUDGE YOU MENTALITY.The politicians who supported the oppression that Kenyans endured have only had their careers/star rise even more-WHAT IRONY-WHAT A COUNTRY?     


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