Colour code your makeup

colour code makeup

(By Chantelle Bester) Want to look put together without being too matchy-matchy? Here’s how to colour code your cosmetics.

1 Lips & nails

Matching your lipstick and nail polish will forever be classic and stylish, and it shows you’ve put thought and preparation into your look.

2. Cheeks & lips

Having the same shade family on your cheeks and lips can look great when done right. Ensure that one is a toned down version of the other – you can even dab and blend your lipstick into your cheeks if you don’t have a corresponding blush.

3. Eyeshadow & liner

If you’re wearing metallic eyeshadow, don’t be afraid to wear an intensified version of the same shade as an eyeliner – it’s a very striking look and it’s often more flattering than black or brown liner.

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