Cleansing 101: How to wash your face



“I have very sensitive skin so I only wash my face with soap.”

I have heard this sentence countless times in the last year and nothing is more frustrating! Sure, your mother always demanded you wash your face with soap, but bar soap really isn’t the best option for daily cleansing. The average soap has an alkaline pH of seven, while balanced skin is about 4.5 this is why soap can strip away the natural oils your skin needs, therefore leading to a misbehaving complexion. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to understanding the importance of proper cleansing.

Why should you cleanse?

The secret to good skin maintenance and radiant, well hydrated skin is the daily use morning and evening of a good quality, prescribed cleanser.  Don’t cut corners with your cleansing routine!  A prescribed cleanser ensures you are using the correct cleanser and most importantly, the texture most suitable for your skin type whether that’s a milk, a cream, a balm or a facial wash.

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Which cleansing techniques are recommend for people with oily/dry/combination or ageing skin? Are there any particular ingredients people with these skin types should be looking for or avoiding?

Oily/dry/combination skin should use products which are purifying yet non-stripping. Just because the skin is oily it doesn’t mean it does not need oil, the key is to create a deep cleansing action but to balance the oil flow too. All skins should be looking to avoid ingredients that are going to sit on the skins surface and block the pores. For an ageing skin, look out for skin compatible natural oils that will hydrate and replenish the skin, and the inclusion of enzymes and antioxidants is ideal.

Advice on cleansing skin that is aggravated by conditions such as acne, eczema, or other skin issues?

It’s important to have a skin consultation with a trained therapist to advise on these concerns as your products are dictated by how your skin reacts, and it’s important to get the right skincare regime to see the best results.



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