P Diddy’s fragrance advert has been considerd too racy


P Diddy’s advert for his new 3AM fragrance was initially considered too racy by one retailer.

The 45-year-old music mogul was told to re-edit his commercial several times by the American department store chain Macy’s because it was uncomfortable with the explicit scenes featuring Diddy and his 28-year-old girlfriend girlfriend Cassie.

An insider told the New York Post newspaper: “The full-length version includes such provocative images that retailers were concerned about young customers seeing them.

“The required edits almost delayed the fragrance launch. In an attempt to bypass the censors, Diddy tried to get the commercial out on cable channels, but it was still deemed too racy by the networks.”

In the original clip, Cassie’s breast is exposed to the camera and is grabbed by Diddy, who is dressed in an expensive-looking suit.

However, Diddy approved the proposed changes to the advert to ensure it was promoted in Macy’s and the launch of the fragrance was not delayed at all.

Meanwhile, a representative for Macy’s confirmed an edited version of the provocative advert will be shown to customers when Diddy unveils it later this week.

The report comes shortly after Diddy admitted that another woman was originally cast in the role played by Cassie, but said there was no spark between them.

The hip-hop star said: “It wasn’t as natural.”

Here is a look at the unedited version:


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