#Gadgets: The charging cable that comes with Lifetime Warranty

mos cable

Finally the lightning charging and sync cable you’ve been waiting for! Say goodbye to broken and fraying cables – your iPhone or iPad will probably break before the MOS Spring lighting cable will.

The MOS Spring takes the lightning cable to a whole new level of design and quality. The team behind MOS is so sure that their cable is the best, they’re even offering a lifetime warranty on every MOS Spring cable they sell.

MOS Spring uses anodized aluminum heads that not only give added protection to the conductor, but it also looks good whilst doing that. The unique woven jacket is a special patented Exoskeleton™ design where in addition to adding significant protection, it also works to keep the cable untangled. Finally the cable also uses a metal spring strain relief, protecting the most vulnerable part of the cable.

The MOS Spring costs USD$29.95 and comes in white, black or aluminum.

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