The Chop Up: How to make home fries with a twist

The Chop Up 5

In this weeks episode Miss Mandi makes home fries.

Home fries are a great addition to have for breakfast or one can choose to have them as a side dish. They are super easy to make and one can experiment with various spices in order to give the potatoes a little bit of a twist or in order to simply figure out what works for them.
When it comes to home fries one can choose to make them the standard way which is simply to pan fry the potatoes with salt and pepper. In this episode Miss Mandi shares the classic home fries recipe however she tweaks it by simply adding onions and green pepper which adds so much flavor to the potatoes.
Miss Mandi served her home fries with lemon & herb eggs with Parmesan cheese (watch the recipe here). Enjoy!

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