What is OK to share on social media and what is Not?


Lately, the Social media streets have become something else. What with people posting anything and everything? Things that give way too much information about your life to people who don’t really care? Well, there are some things that are ok to share with the public especially if they are going to add value to someone’s life and there are some things that should be just left on your phone or camera for your own viewing discretion. There are some pictures and videos that could be considered relevant if and only if that is part of your job and social media is the only medium you can use to build your brand and is the only way to reach and/or get clients.

It is amazing how more young people feel comfortable using  public spaces on the internet to share way too much information with the world? Come on! Some pictures are just unnecessary to post anywhere. What is meant to be achieved from sharing pictures with random strangers? …Likes? Fame? Is it for fun? To make a point? A chance to flaunt what you got?

From the sort of pictures mentioned below, which pictures do you consider ok to share with the world (who may or may not care that you shared them) and which ones are not?

1. Pictures of your food

2. Travel pictures of you in some exotic place

3. Pictures of you in the salon

4. Pictures of you in traffic

5. Pictures of things you just bought

6. Pictures of gifts you just received from your man/woman/client

7. Selfies taken every waking hour of every day

8. Pictures of what you just prepared for dinner

9. Pictures of your engagement ring

10. Your wedding pictures or other person’s wedding pictures

11. Nude pregnancy pictures

12. Your pregnancy journey pictures

13. Semi-nude pictures and pictures of your cellulite infested butt captioned “Loving my imperfections”

14. Your Twerking videos

15. Your Kids pictures and videos including some embarrassing ones of them running around butt naked.

16. Pictures of your Awards

17. Pictures of your alcohol stock

18. Pictures of you in the club and other party scene pics

19. Your graduation pictures

20. Your outfit pictures

21. Pictures and videos of you working out in the gym

22. Videos of you admiring yourself

23. Videos of you dancing

24. Pictures of your home

25. Pictures of land you just bought

26. Pictures of your car

27.Pictures of you doing a good deed like visiting the less fortunate

28. PDA pics with your boo

29. Pictures of Your boyfriend/girlfriend, you and your boyfriend

30. Pictures of your Shopping cart and then of your bill afterwards

31. Pictures of you in hospital including some of your delivery pictures

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