Relationships 101: Real men carry cash


“Carry cash guys, it’s sexy,” relationship expert Matthew Hussey says.

Don’t be the man who needs to ask his date for a few hundred shillings for parking or to tip the waiter. The value of having cash in your pocket shows that you as a man will always be prepared and ready, no matter what the situation may be. You can take care of your woman. That’s sexy.

What’s not sexy? Waiting for a woman to help you figure out a problem. So before you jump to sexists comments, let us understand carrying cash, no matter how much or little the amount may be, demonstrates preparedness and a sense of responsibility, regardless of the gender.

In a non-gold digger kind-of-way, “do it in your means,” says Hussey. Whether it’s KSh 2,000 or KSh 20,000, having cash shows that you are always prepared.

Check out Hussey’s video on why real men should carry cash below.

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