Are these the world’s largest fake boobs?

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“Love having the LARGEST augmented BREASTS in the whole universe!” reads Mayra Hills’ Twitter profile.

Hills, a nude German model, decided to go under the knife to have what she believes are the world’s largest boobs. Weighing in at 9 kilograms each, Hills is a 32Z who requires specially-made bras.

There’s no denying that in her own way, Hills embodies the phrase: go big or go home.

Despite the fact that Hills confesses on her blog, “my boobs stick out so much that i often knock over things,” it doesn’t seem like the 31 year old model is about to go under the knife to reduce her size.

Hills goes on to reveal that she often cannot find the right tops and will sometimes be asked to pay for the items she tried on since she stretched them out and changed their shape.

Besides her breast augmentations, she has also undergone lip injections to gain fuller lips.

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