#TrendAlert: Fake food becomes fashionable accessories

fake spaghetti sausage

Hatanaka, the popular fake food manufacturer in Japan, has been making restaurant displays since 1965. The very real-looking fake food have graced most Japanese restaurant storefronts – from sushi to noodles to curry to even waffles.

The manufacturer recently expanded into fashion accessories with applications of their extensive collection of fake food on necklaces, headbands, rings and earrings. Delicious, right?

Dubbed ii-Fake, the fake food accessories will set you back from $15-$70. Not too bad for a pair of Salami Earrings or a statement necklace of Spaghetti and Sausage or our favourite, Crispy Bacon and Fried Egg headband.

fake salami fake bacon and eggs


fake food dessert

fake fork

fake choker


fake fruit

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