EABL introduces ageless Talisker Storm whisky in Kenya


East African Breweries Limited has introduced a new single malt scotch whisky brand, Talisker Storm as the brewer seeks to broaden the category to meet demand from the increasing whisky lovers in Kenya.

Speaking during the launch in Nairobi, Douglas Duncanson EABL’s Reserve Brand Ambassador said that Talisker Storm’s unique distillery character is delivered by aged, mature whiskies that are integrated in one vibrant tot.

“The launch of Talisker Storm in the market signals the maturity of the whisky market in Kenya. Talisker Storm presents a more intense, smoky, enhanced, vibrant taste that is smoothly balanced by a signature hot sweetness,” said Duncanson.

Talisker Storm now adds to EABL’s list of whiskies that already includes ‘The Empire Builder’ Johnnie Walker Red Label, the ‘Party Starter’ J&B, Bushmills Irish Whiskey from one of the oldest distilleries in the world and Single Malt whiskies from the four corners of Scotland.

Talisker Storm stands out as an ageless whisky which was first released by Diageo globally in 2013. An age on a whisky label means that 100 percent of the whisky in that bottle has aged in an oak barrel for the number of years indicated.

EABL seeks to meet the growing demand by providing an all rounded portfolio of whisky offering to all consumers. “Kenya’s social class is projected to grow 28 per cent from 2011 to 2020, one of the highest forecasts in the world. This group is touted to seek premium products. Nairobi, itself, is experiencing a surge of whisky consumption where Scotch is an aspirational drink,” he said.

According to EABL, the whisky category is rapidly becoming popular with more consumers gaining interest in understanding what is in their glass. The quality of whisky, blend and content is now shaping conversation in popular hang-out areas in the cities.

Talisker Storm’s launch comes in the backdrop of the recently unveiled 2nd edition of the EABL Love Whisky Festival. The campaign is seeking to define the Whisky landscape in East Africa while educating and recruiting new consumers.

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