Fake policeman caught after stopping real cop


A motorist who pretended to be a policeman was caught in the act when he pulled over a real officer for speeding, the BBC reported on Wednesday.

Jonathan Weekes from Wales, 48, used a blue flashing light on his car to pull over another car on the road.

When Weekes approached the vehicle he discovered a real police officer was sitting in uniform in the driver’s seat, the BBC said.

“If you had been going any faster I would have booked you,” Weekes told the officer.

The policemen asked him what force he was in, and where he was based. Weekes gave a fake collar number before driving away at speed through the streets.

Traced through his car’s registration plate number, a search of his house found police uniforms, batons and handcuffs bought online, the BBC reported.

He told a court he had a fascination with authority figures and couldn’t explain his actions.

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