Beckhams voted world’s most stylish celebrity family

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Surprise, surprise. The Beckhams were recently crowned most stylish family in a survey held by, beating the Kardashians to the title.

Despite becoming famous for being a football player and pop singer, David and Victoria Beckham (respectively) have had a huge impact in the fashion industry. Victoria made her fashion designer debut in 2008 and with celebrities like Blake Lively, Beyonce and Cameron Diaz lining up to wear her pieces, there’s no denying that she’s a fashion force to reckon with.

Not to be forgotten, David has also dabbled in design and has a H&M swimwear collection under his belt. He has also modeled for several iconic brands and was crowned the underwear model of the century earlier this year.

Besides the dynamic couple’s dive into the fashion industry, a couple of their four children – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper – have also featured in several fashion campaigns which only reinforces their position as most stylish celebrity family.

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Coming in second were the Kardashians whose reality show led to the expansion of their boutique store, DASH, along with several beauty endorsements and clothing collections in international stores worldwide.

Below is the ranking of the most stylish families in the world.

1. The Beckhams 28%

2. The Kardashians 16%

3. The Knowles- Carter family 14%

4. The Cambridges 11%

5. The Wrights 10%

6. The Smiths 8%

7. The Rooneys 6%

8. The Minogues 4%

9. The Humes 2%

10. The Crouches 1%

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