Teenage rockers land a huge record deal with Sony

unlocking the truth

Brooklyn-based metal band Unlocking The Truth has recently signed a USD $1.8 million record deal with Sony. Who?

Unlocking The Truth, a metal trio consisting of Jared Dawkins the 12-year-old drummer from Crown Heights, Malcolm Brickhouse the 13-year-old electric guitarist who resides in Flatbush, and Alec Atkins the 13-year-old bassist, hailing from Bedford Stuyvesant, have taken YouTube and even Coachella festival-goers by storm.

A music executive from Sony came across their viral YouTube video, which shows the teenagers rocking out at New York City’s Times Square with incredible stage presence, and offered the trio a seven-figure deal.

According to the New York Post, here are some of the details of the contract:

The deal includes 16 to 17 percent in royalties, a fee that’s slightly above the industry average, said entertainment attorney Richard Wolfe.

The deal is particularly impressive for artists without a track record, added Wolfe, who has repped Mariah Carey and Marilyn Manson.

But there is a hook on the exclusive five-album deal– the boys will only see the real money after an initial $60,000 advance if their first album sells over 250,000 copies.


Congrats Unlocking The Truth!


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