Red Leather, Yellow Leather, Chic in Leather!

Leather is not a new trend but you have to admit that rocking anything leather can prove to be a very tricky affair in Nairobi You might just suffocate inside your leather outfit.

Thank God for this cold season though because you might just get away with wearing a bit of leather.


So while you are it, why not try some colored leather for a change and forget the basic black for a bit? Leather dresses are feisty and long lasting so you might want to pick your dress carefully.

A colored leather dress will not only make you stand out from the pack but will make you feel like you own the pack.

Remember that with this trend, fit is everything! Too tight and you will look all wrong and too loose will leave you looking like you are wearing a tent.

The best way to wear colored leather is with plain, minimalist heels because leather is already too loud. Also, it is advisable to keep all the other accessories simple.

Wear this especially to a night event and you will certainly stand out for all the right reasons



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