Baking 101: How to separate an egg #SusanEats


Photo credit: Pedro Ramirez Paz

When you spend most of your days in the kitchen, you very quickly realize how remarkable, versatile, and yes, magical, eggs truly are. Consider the whole egg, delicious when simply fried, scrambled with some grated cheese, or boiled whole soft or hard, deviled, or gently sprinkled with salt and pepper. But when you start thinking about the separate parts, the options are infinite and oh so exciting!

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In this video we show you how to separate the egg (the most magical ingredient in the kitchen) into whites and yolks so that you can start experimenting with the fantastic bounty of options for the parts separately, and together.

Many recipes for light, fluffy desserts call for only egg whites. That’s because egg whites are almost all water (and a bit of protein) so they contribute to the structure of a cake, popover, or soufflé, and also convert into steam, creating lift and lovely airy holes. Recipes for desserts like custards or puddings call for more egg yolks because yolks are less than half water and have more proteins and fat than whites. Yolks are powerful emulsifiers and thickeners, making rich, creamy desserts.

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