How to know a man can perform in bed


There are various indicators that will let you in on a man’s prowess in the sack the easiest being observing his mannerisms in different scenarios. Here are a few of those things to observe that will put you in the know.

1. He can dance

A man who can dance is everything. Dancing here does not mean just gyrating on the floor aimlessly. It refers to moving with rhythm on the dance floor. If a man holds you close  and can maintain rhythm to the music with his hips just enough to maybe even arouse you.. If he knows and understands what tempo is, it means he will listen to your body and its needs while doing the do.

2. He really enjoys his food

If a man appreciates his food, enjoys every bite he takes, devours his food like that was his last meal, does not slurping sounds and even feeds you some of his food so that you can taste the goodness he is experiencing in his mouth.. then be certain that he will want to take the same sentiments to bed.

3. He places his hand in special places

When a man touches your neck and gives you random massages every now and then. Whenever you are standing close even in public he holds your waist from behind and pulls you closer to him and whenever you are walking together he places his hand as if but not quite on your butt…this all means that he will always try to explore your body in different ways and will always try to get you in the mood by making your body respond to him naturally with just a simple touch.

4. His kisses are slow and sure

If he kisses slow, sure, almost dreamily and passionately wanting your whole body  to respond to his tongue touching yours as if he is imagining what he can do to the rest of your body then be sure this man can blow your mind away.

He takes his time to feel your tongue touch his and there’s always a passionate unity in your kisses… Just in the same way, he will never rush through an orgasm. Instead he knows exactly when to let it all flow out and that will only happen when he has pleased you enough.


5. He knows how to make you feel sexy

If a man treats you like a queen, is patient with you, talks to you like you are important, looks at you respectfully… then he doesn’t even have to touch you or tell you when he wants you. You will always have a natural sexual connection that will just make you want to give yourself to him and in return he will make sure he has satisfied you because you are his lady.

6. He doesn’t talk about how good he is in bed

A man who will brag about his skills in the sack is probably good in the SUCK! That kind of man probably just lasts a few seconds anyway. In a sober conversation a man who is good in bed will not keep bringing up the sex topic, will not praise himself and speak of how he cannot wait for you to experience how good he is. A man who is good in bed will let his body language, his walking style, his actions and even his simple touch speak on his behalf.


7. He knows how to make love to your brain

If a man speaks to you like a gentleman and tells you seductive things that make you wish you can act it all out there and then… If he seduces your imagination and makes you want to try out new things in bed that you never imagined yourself doing in a million years and bring out a different side of you. This can only mean that he knows how to make you want him by what he says to you without touching you so you can imagine his game when he finally touches you.

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