Sushi restaurant chain offers weed-and-sushi pairings


Marijuana has become legal in Colorado, USA and sushi restaurant chain Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar is taking full advantage.

Hapa Sushi’s newest pairing menu is not one with wines – white, red and rosés – but by Indicas, Sativas and Blends.  Whether you’re looking to sample some of Hapa Sushi’s Pakalolo Shrimp, spicy Hawaiian-style shrimp served with a sweet chili pepper dipping sauce, or enjoy a steaming bowl of Honey Miso Salmon, or simply want to indulge in a platter of Sashimi – Hapa Sushi ensures that you will be able to pair the dishes with the best weed that will complement the flavours accordingly, adding to your culinary experience.

If by chance you’re craving for sushi and weed, now you can satisfy both with more of a refined and sophisticated culinary approach.

Check out Hapa Sushi here.

hapa sushi weed


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