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There’s a group of suits plotting in the corner, while on the spacious terrace what looks like a beautiful couple on their first date.  Another table of North American tourists seems determined to make as huge a dent in the menu as humanly possible.  The kind and quick staff are doing an excellent job of keeping everyone happy, including me.

Restaurants are successful for many reasons, keeping your customers happy is the major one.  Our current location is one that does this very well.  Judging from their overwhelming popularity and overflowing parking lot on Thursday evenings; good luck on getting a table because this location has perfected the art of keeping the hungry happy.

Golden Spurs Steak Ranch Restaurant is located at Southern Sun Hotel, Parklands Road, Nairobi, Kenya.To book, click here. Special thanks to Eat Out Kenya.

And what an interesting and unique location it is, nestled in Nairobi’s Southern Sun Hotel, complemented by beautiful lush gardens.  The wooden beams, exposed stonework, cactus and Native Indian artwork are all befitting of a cattle ranch.  The surreal Western film-set experience is worthy of Stetson hats, bandannas, hanging buckskins and of course, spurs.

Opened since 1998, Golden Spurs Steak Ranch Restaurant is a 400-seater steakhouse.  The South African chain is known for its specialty steaks, ribs and as a family-friendly restaurant.  If you’re looking for a themed culinary experience, this is definitely that.

To begin, there was the Chicken Livers in Pepper Sauce (KSh 550), which came in a deep dish filled to the brim with delicious sauce and tender pieces of liver.  Maybe it’s because I’m Chinese, but I wish I had a bowl of white rice to soak up all of the gravy!   A huge plate of chunky, gooey and delicious Nachos Mexicana (KSh 850) arrived at the table, beckoning for salivating diners to dig in.  However, the Nachos, blanketed with melted cheese, glistened in the light, revealing that the plate was on the oily side.  The meager dollop of guacamole also failed to last until the last nacho – don’t you just hate it when that happens?

For those that prefer to help themselves to the Salad Valley (bar), Fish Chowder, Lentil Soup and Minestrone also await.  The fresh selection of salads were refreshing – celery with raisins, classic coleslaw, potato salad, and sprouts being my favourites.

For the die-hard carnivores, “The Spur classic that cooks itself,” liken to the Brazilians, why not cook your cut of meat on a sizzling hot rock?  With all of the fat rendering down, splattering, spitting and smoking at your table; a bib or an apron would be a wise fashion accessory.  For KSh 1,250, 300g of a cut of your choice served with sides, the Spur classic is definitely quite the interactive dining experience.

Basted and slow-cooked in their special sauce, Spur’s Pork Spare Ribs are famous.  Succulent, flavourful and satisfying, no wonder on Thursdays for KSh 1,600 Nairobians pack into the restaurant for all-you-can-eat ribs.  Did you know Bottomless Ribs is so popular that the Spurs’ kitchen will go through about 400 kilos of ribs every Thursday?

Hunks of meat usually put me in a good mood.  But at Golden Spurs, even I discover that sometimes there is a limit.  For the more health conscious, you can always slim down your steak and replace chips and onion rings with two hot vegetable sides from the Salad Valley.  And if breaking limits is what you’re after, the current record for most ribs eaten on Thursdays is fourteen plates.  Good luck.



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