Men’s facials: The spa treatment for your balls

men spa scrotum

Spa treatments for one’s private parts are not new.

Vagacials began to pop-up in various upscale spas in New York and California in 2010 with aestheticians offering beauty treatments in the name of the quest for perfect skin in a new place – a woman’s vulva.

But what about for the men?

Named “Tighten the Tackle,” this newest trend in spa treatments literally will iron someone’s balls.

The procedure, first offered at the Beauty Park Spa in Santa Monica, Tighten the Tackle, uses lasers to remove hair, erase wrinkles, and corrects discolouration on the scrotum.  Hair removal takes approximately 45 minutes and the skin tightening and improvement of the testicle skin colour runs about another 25 minutes.

This non-invasive cosmetic procedure will set men back Kshs 48,000 (USD $575), but may prove to be a good investment for some.

Clients of the upscale spa are usually celebrities and actors preparing for a nude scene in their latest films – the owner of Beauty Park Spa has declined to share their famous client list.

Results are expected to last for four weeks, but Beauty Park Spa professionals recommends men should have six sessions for a long-lasting effect.

Capital Lifestyle Magazine asks: Would you try?

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