Nairobi’s largest burger: Sauti Sol out-eats Just A Band


Tuesday saw Kenyan groups Just A Band and Sauti Sol battle it out at The Burger Challenge at Brew Bistro – a popular restaurant and microbrewery in Nairobi, Kenya.

Delvin and Bienaime of Sauti Sol, and Mbithi and Blinky Bill of Just A Band tackled the foot-tall burger of 1.5 kg of pure beef, 40 toppings, 2 gigantic burger buns, french fries, onion rings and a 2 L pitcher of beer – ALL in 30 minutes.

Who reigned supreme and claimed the title of Kenya’s Burger Kings?

Watch here:

In the end, Sauti Sol narrowly beat Just A Band by only 0.01 kg.

If you would like to challenge the Burger Kings, get in touch with Brew Bistro and Eat Out Kenya.


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