15 reasons to ponder on why he won’t marry you!


(By OYUNGA PALA) The twenties are tapering off. You are in the best shape of your life; have a steady job, a tastefully furnished apartment, a new car so why are all the men treating you like some side chick? You have attended one baby shower too many and your peers keep wondering why a girl of your means and looks keeps attracting losers. Why doesn’t anyone consider you wife material? Guys will run away from commitment for 101 reasons but they are some behavior traits displayed by Kenyan women that simply read bumps ahead.


1. You act like a groupie.

Perpetually star struck, wallowing in a celebrity bubble and the man knows he only got snapped up because her friends claim you look kinda like Idris Elba. It does not take long before the man realizes that he could never live up to your ideal fantasy boyfriend.

2. He feels like a third wheel.

He trails a distant second after your parents, your friends, your pet (also known as the vetting committee) and is regularly reminded of the weight of their approval if he hopes to take relationship to the next level.

3. You hate men.

Some pitiful male from your past screwed up royally and left you scarred. It does not make all men guilty.  Some women get into the lazy habit of holding men as the source of all their problems and refuse to take personal responsibility for their woes and that is a yawn.

4. Treating him like a sperm donor.

You can’t stop talking about babies. He has voiced aversion towards having a child but you still refuse to take safe sex measures, hoping to be ‘accidentally’ knocked up. Turning a man into a parent without his consent and dragging him through court for abdicating responsibility leaves such residual bitterness and it only ends up punishing innocent kids.

5.      Using your success as a crutch.

You made the top list of inspiring women under 40. Not all men have a problem playing second fiddle in a relationship but not when you treat him like he is warming the seat for a worthier candidate.

 6. Using the promise of sex as a pawn.

A man can take a tease and we understand the training. If we behave, we get to taste the bone. But don’t be flirtatious then get offended when he springs a woody and gets fidgety.

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  1. Mkenya Dauti August 7th, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    perfectly said


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