Can men be born with erectile dysfunction?

pubic arch

There are men who suffer from unsustainable erections without any identified cause of erectile dysfunction, raising the question that perhaps some men are simply born that way, and anatomically there maybe alterations that lead to erectile dysfunction.  In other words, could some men be predisposed to having erectile dysfunction?

In March 2013 edition of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers released findings that if confirmed in larger samples, would raise new questions on the role and significance of anatomical variations in maintaining and the inability of maintaining a full rigid erection from some men.

Researchers used caverno computed tomography (CT) scan technique to evaluate the drainage of blood of the corpora cavernosa (CC) during erection, an important art of the erectile phenomenon, and the angle made by the puboischial rami – where the angle of the erect penis is determined by its size and its attachment to the anterior surface of the pubic bone (suspended by ligaments etc.).  In men with a long heavy penis or a loose suspensory ligament, the angle usually will not be greater than 90 degrees, even with full rigidity.

The area of interest is the pubic arch, which is located in the lower circumference of the pelvis.  Researchers found that there was a significantly wider angle made by the puboischial rami in men without a complete erection, compared to men with a normal erection.

Once the findings have been replicated in larger samples, researchers hope to reveal the relationship between the structure of the male pubic arch and how it may interfere with maintaining a complete erection.


Source: Paul JF and Virag R. Does anatomy of the pubic arch interfere with the maintaining of erection? J Sex Med 2013;10:777–781.




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