Look trim and fit in one easy peasy step

You want to know what will reduce your thighs, tighten your bum, and firm up your waistline? Here’s the simple solution: the perfect pair of jeans (PPJ), or even better –several.

jeansThe PPJ will not only give you your dream shape, but it will actually prevent jiggling of any extra flesh below the waistline. To the outsider, who knows nothing of your fatty bits, blemishes and stretchmarks, you, in that pair of jeans are the ideal woman. The best part is also that you need no longer be afraid to hug a friend or crossover your legs. Your thighs look taut and fit, and they are exactly that, to the touch. Bending, crouching, tiptoeing etc. you look as graceful as a ballerina, and everywhere you go, there’s an eye on your suddenly raised and contained bottom. Seriously –what more could you ask for? Still, it must be the PERFECT pair of jeans, purposefully bought after approval from no less than 3 people, counting: the vendor (who will always agree, as s/he wants to sell), your three best friends, and yourself.

If you are tall and thin (as some of us love to picture ourselves… mentally) go tighter, and make sure that the length goes no higher than your lower ankle. Straight cut or Skinny Jeans are trendy and will accentuate and compliment your shape, if you aren’t built like an ironing board (in which case you should go looser/longer with your top.)

The two things a girl must have? A good bra and the perfect pair of jeans. You can bet your bottom dollar on it.

If you are slim to medium, go tighter on the jeans, and fitted on your top –let your shape show!
If you are short and fat, go fitted or a little looser, and please internalise that you are NEVER to buy Skinny jeans. Find a Boot cut or a flare. If you have a sizeable balcony (if you know what I mean) enjoy a lower (NOT ‘Low’) cut top (always making sure that the twins are securely contained) loose and flowing to diminish stomach and hip bulges. Finally, slip on comfortable heels to complete the package’s feminine perfection.


If you are very fat and you’re working on it, buy the PPJ of your dreams, and keep it somewhere you can glance at it and encourage yourself every time you feel deprived or tired. If, on the other hand, you are very fat and have decided to own it –buy a fitted pair of non-stretch jeans, and GO girl!

The two things a girl must have? A good bra and the perfect pair of jeans. You can bet your bottom dollar on it.


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