Alisha Popat ropes in celebs to honour Africa


Kenyan singer Alisha Popat has sung a tribute to the continent, with help from award winning South African Zolani Mahola from Freshly Ground and US YouTube celebrity Peter Hollens.

Oh Africa will be made available this Friday, March 15, as a dedication to the expansive and ever changing continent.

‘Oh Africa’ is a passionate work of art expressing the artists love and pride in their nation and the continent at large, reads a statement.

“Equally it represents the magic of the continent. The purpose of the song is to shout out to the world that it is Africa’s time to shine: what once was innocence is now excitement and what once was fear is now ambition,” according to Alisha.

The track is a re-make of Leonard Cohen’s super famous ‘Hallelujah’, re- written by Alisha Popat, and produced with the help of Wanyoike Kimani and Ulopa Ngoma.

“The narrative is Africa’s journey and growth from an innocent child to the powerful woman she is now, a woman whose strength and potential is infinite, a woman with stars in her eyes and big dreams in her heart.”

If you listen carefully you will be able to make out the Moipei Quartet and Maasai musician Tetu Tutuma in the background.

The musicians were at the Maasai Mara recently to shoot the video, sponsored by Simba Corp and hosted by Atua Enkop.

Zolani feels the song will represent a new Africa that is brave as well, while Hollens’ hopes his part in the song will inspire and uplift.

The video was directed by Justin Purefoy.

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