One amazing shirt, Four different pairings

Just one clothing item in your wardrobe can easily give you a plethora of options on how to rock it like it’s a new/different piece altogether. Today I’ve picked the versatile black and white shirt. What makes this the ” IT SHIRT” are the huge front pockets and the stripes!! which are so in BTW!

A little stripe tease goes a long way

PS: You’ll notice there’s a color blocking vibe going on in every pairing below to make the pairings more fun and bright as black and white (which is a cool combo btw) can be plain sometimes.

*1st Pairing: The little Bandage skirt

This is a laid back pairing for when you have somewhere to go and you need to look stylish but are lazy to pick an outfit. This look is effortless and you can wear it for a day time event such as Blankets and Wine, Mingle etc You have the option of either tucking in the shirt fully in the skirt, tucking the front in and the back hanging or not tucking in at all.


*2nd Pairing: The maxi skirt

This is an all covered up look that you could wear to go anywhere including church and even meetings that are not so official.


*3rd pairing: The short shorts

This is another chilled out look that you can wear on a super sunny day while out with friends. Again a day time event like Blankets and wine will be ideal as the outfit will give you the freedom to stretch your legs out on the grass or on your picnic mat. You could also wear this on a shopping spree trip. It makes it easy for you when you have to try on bottoms. It is also ideal for attending a barbeque.


4th pairing;The denim look

Denims are for the everyday chic lady. With the right fit you can never go wrong and you will always look stylish. The best thing about denims is that you can wear them in whatever weather. Throw on some sexy heels to add on the glam factor as well as give you elongated sexy legs 😉

Untitled-2Just to emphasize that the black and white shirt can go well with any color pair of jeans I threw in a second denim look.

Untitled-5Just swap the heels with a pair of flats if you will be doing some running around and you’ll still look comfortable yet chic.

My fave part about this shirt with its neutral black and white colors is that it goes well with every single color and that’s why you should own it!

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