Nanjira ‘walks’ us through her fresh new video

Musician Nanjira has kicked off her solo career with a song that has a lot more meaning than many can imagine.

Walking, released late last year, is a personal testament to what the talented singer believes is necessary when it comes to abusive domestic relationships.

“It could be seen as being scared, but I’m all for being safe than sorry and helpless, in too deep in an abusive relationship: emotional or physical,” she says boldly, in an interview with Capital Lifestyle.

Growing up, the reality of abuse was right there for her to see, and after dealing with it the best way she knew how, nothing made more sense than walking away from it.

“It broke me to the point of indifference… but it also made me because I most certainly know the signs and when to walk away,” says the former lead singer of the band Ma3.

The video for the song is being released today, and Nanjira calls it a ‘journey to getting a visual representation’ of the message in the track.

She acts alongside a violent and teary Maqbul Mohammed in the video, directed by A Macharia who has worked on songs like 25 Flow and Kelele.

Though Nanjira did not write the song, Blackman did, the message and the emotion was easy to be a part of.

Nanjira hopes that as her solo career takes shape, she will be able to carry along as many fans as possible.

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