Curvy Chronicles: The perfect Layering


(BY NJAMIO) Layering as we already know is fit for chilly weather. Who said one can’t be stylish and warm at the same time? It is the art of pairing together different items of clothing to achieve warmth and to avoid wearing bulky jackets and overcoats which can be unflattering for a curvy woman.

When it comes to plus size women, layering can be quite tricky…add on an extra item and you look bulky, making a plus size woman appear bigger than she really is, and oh boy we want to avoid that by all means! The objective is to enhance the curves, obtain a sexy silhouette, look leaner but not mute them curves.  The only way to achieve this is by creating a focal point that will make one look  up and down your figure rather than around it.


How to pull off layering perfectly

1.    You will need a paper thin shirt, preferably long sleeved with texture. Wear thin fabric clothes first to create the layers.

2.    Round neck sweater, be daring and experiment with print, but keep one thing in mind:

Will the pattern do your curves justice? Or mute them?

3.    A printed/colorful scarf to create a focal point, or a statement necklace on a warmer day.

Remember, we want to flatter our curves not smother them.

4.    A belt to center the waist and accentuate the curves.

5.    A cross-body or bright clutch: if you’re going to use a colorful bag, keep the scarf a solid print.

6.    Skinny jeans: plain colored to keep it minimal.

7.    A light structured coat or blazer.

8.    Boots: knee high would be great.


Start by layering darker items first, because it will give you a slimming effect and a pop of color where you would like your favorite assets brought out, such as a bright colored thin belt to cinch in the waist to enhance the silhouette.

Remember comfort is key; you could always dress up or dress down the outfit by switching shoes from boots to a nice pair of heels.  DO NOT overdo the layering, for this may result in assumptions that you woke up and decided to wear everything in your closet; Remember we want to flatter our curves not smother them.

***style tip: If you may need help on what colors to pair together and afraid to overdo it, try matching your bag and shoes, that combo works great with any outfit.

Keep it Curvy!

XOXO Njamz.



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