Ice files for separation from Coco: reports

ICE-COCORapper Ice T has reportedly filed for a separation from his voluptuous blonde wifey CoCo, on grounds of infidelity.

The rapper is said to have gone to court over the matter last week.

According to, the rapper will not leave her empty handed, even though he was deeply hurt by her alleged misbehaviour.

Though twitter is awash with discussions on this latest piece of news, neither Ice nor Coco have mentioned anything of the sort on their personal twitter profiles.

The alleged separation request comes just days after Ice T celebrated his 55 birthday, and months since a massive tiff between the couple on Coco’s racy pictures with rapper AP.9.

Ice and Coco, who have a reality show that documents their loving on E entertainment titled Ice Loves Coco, have been married for 11 years.

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